Mike Pence Officially Endorses Fellow Anti-Abortion Extremist Tiffany Smiley

News | November 5, 2022

Pence immediately after the Dobbs decision: “We must not rest” until abortion is outlawed in every state; advocating for a national abortion ban even while acknowledging it would cause “short term pain” for GOP 

(Seattle, WA) – After campaigning alongside the former Vice President just weeks ago, Republican Tiffany Smiley has officially been endorsed by fellow anti-abortion extremist Mike Pence, who wants to make abortion illegal in every state in the country, including Washington. On Wednesday, October 12,  Pence headlined a virtual fundraiser for Smiley.

Mike Pence was one of the first Republicans to call for a federal abortion ban after the Supreme Court repealed Roe v. Wade, saying “it is imperative that Republicans and conservatives resolve, here and now, that we will not shrink from the fight.” Pence is widely considered to be one of the most anti-abortion Republican politicians, and was the first sitting vice president to speak at the anti-abortion “March for Life” rally.

“Tiffany Smiley is in good company with fellow anti-abortion extremist Mike Pence—this is a clear message to voters, Smiley could not be more wrong for Washington state,”  said Murray Campaign spokesperson Naomi Savin. “From endorsing the extreme Texas abortion ban to celebrating the overturning of Roe v. Wade, voters can see as plain as day that Tiffany Smiley is an anti-abortion extremist who will just do whatever Mitch McConnell tells her—she would vote against our values every day if she were ever sent to the Senate.” 


  • Tiffany Smiley is, in her own words, “100 percent pro-life.
  • Tiffany Smiley expressed support for a national abortion ban – and even for defunding Planned Parenthood — before she started running for Senate.
  • Smiley cheered the decision that overturned Roe and allowed states to ban abortion with no exceptions.
  • At the start of her campaign, Tiffany Smiley endorsed the Texas abortion ban, one of the most extreme in the nation with no exceptions for rape or incest — even while admitting “there’s a lot of parts of it that make it hard for me in Washington state.
  • In September, her campaign reiterated her “respect” for the extreme Texas law.
  • Smiley refused to say – after being repeatedly asked – whether she supports abortion exceptions for rape and incest.
  • Tiffany Smiley is raising money fromcampaigning with, and collecting endorsements from anti-abortion politicians who are committed to passing a national abortion ban, including those working to ban abortion in Washington state.
  • Tiffany Smiley’s first vote would be to make Mitch McConnell Senate majority leader — and Republicans have already introduced and suggested they would bring to the floor legislation to ban abortion nationwide and impose criminal penalties on Americans.