Murray Endorsed By Major Editorial Boards Across Washington State

News | October 25, 2022

Seattle Times, Tacoma News Tribune, The Columbian, Everett Herald, Olympian enthusiastically endorse Senator Murray, point to her Washington state values and record of delivering effectively for workers and families

Seattle Times: “Patty Murray is the kind of powerful, pragmatic and influential representative that Washington should be proud of. There is no doubt she belongs in the Senate.”

(Seattle, WA) — U.S. Senator Patty Murray has racked up endorsements from major newspaper editorial boards across Washington state, showing once again that she is “far and away the best candidate in this race,” with a long record of going to bat for Washingtonians and working across the aisle to make progress on issues for our state. As voters begin filling out their ballots, Murray’s unanimous slate of endorsements leaves no doubt that Senator Murray is the clear choice for Washington voters this year.

Seattle Times: The truth about Patty Murray: Plenty to show for 30 years in Senate In her 30 years in the Senate, Murray has consistently delivered for Washingtonians and become a national leader as her seniority in Congress grew… Throughout her career, the senator has been a supporter of education, transportation and free trade, as well as a staunch advocate for women, children, veterans and LGBTQ communities…  Patty Murray is the kind of powerful, pragmatic and influential representative that Washington should be proud of. There is no doubt she belongs in the Senate.

Seattle Times: Seattle Times editorial board endorsements: Aug. 2, 2022, primary Without the showiness of some of her Senate colleagues, [Murray] has established herself as both a strong advocate for progressive Democratic values as well as a deal-maker able to find common ground for the good of Washington and the nation… Voters should enthusiastically return Murray to the Senate. As her stature has grown, she is able to wield influence for Washington not seen since the days of the late Sens. Henry M. Jackson and Warren Magnusson.

Tacoma News Tribune: The News Tribune endorses: Our picks for US House and Senate races in WA Not only has Washington’s very first female senator become one of the most powerful and influential lawmakers in the nation, she’s done so while at the same time putting her local constituents first. Murray’s resume of accomplishments are too long to list. Just in recent years she’s secured funding for drought resilience in Washington and money to keep childcare facilities open during COVID 19. She’s pushed for the Department of Veterans Affairs to expand benefits to same-sex couples and helped to funnel federal money into local affordable housing projects. During an endorsement meeting with The News Tribune Editorial Board, Murray said she’s particularly proud of two recent victories in D.C. — passage of the Pact Act, which expands VA benefits to veterans exposed to burn pits and other toxins while serving our nation, and passage of the CHIPS and Science Act, which will invest billions of dollars in the coming years to help with the domestic production of semiconductors. They’re just two examples of the effective leadership that again earns Murray The News Tribune Editorial Board’s endorsement… To be an effective member of Congress – as Murray has been since 1992 — it takes a whole lot more than simply putting your opponent’s name in front of complicated problems like crime and inflation. Murray is far and away the best candidate in the race.

The Columbian: In Our View: Patty Murray best choice for U.S. Senate During three decades in the U.S. Senate, Democrat Patty Murray has effectively represented the values and interests of Washingtonians. Without the bombast of some of her Senate colleagues, Murray has consistently brokered deals, knifed through partisanship and delivered for her state and the nation. The Columbian’s Editorial Board recommends that Murray be reelected in November… Any honest scrutiny of Murray’s tenure reveals an impressive record during five terms in the Senate; it also reveals recent legislative success. As one of the Democratic leaders in the chamber, she played key roles in delivering the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the CHIPS and Science Act and the Inflation Reduction Act during the current session of Congress. Each represents major legislation that will bolster American jobs and manufacturing while positioning the nation for future success. Each also belies the assertion that Congress is stagnant and ineffective… Murray also has a history of working effectively with Republicans. She has helped forge bipartisan deals to end government shutdowns, remake education legislation and better prepare the nation for future pandemics.

Everett Herald: Murray’s Effective Leadership Warrants Reelection Voters when considering the record of a long-serving incumbent can and do rightfully ask: “Fine, but what have you done for us lately?” For U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash. — who with the completion of her fifth term this year will join Everett’s Sen. Henry M. “Scoop” Jackson with 30 years of service and, should she win a sixth term, will challenge Sen. Warren G. Magnuson’s state record 36-year title — the answer serves as her endorsement for that sixth term as senator. Murray, 71, has shown herself as a productive and pragmatic legislator and a trusted leader in the chamber who diligently maintains connections with constituents and the state as a whole to guide her work and deliver on the needs of the state and its residents… Sen. Murray’s legislative record and the confidence in her leadership shown by her colleagues places her in their company and should earn Murray the continued support of Washington state’s voters.

The Olympian: The Olympian endorses federal and state candidates Patty Murray has been Washington’s Senator for 30 years, and has lots of laurels to rest on. She co-authored the Violence Against Women Act, negotiated a budget deal that avoided a government shutdown, won passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act to replace No Child Left Behind Act, won more benefits and better health care for veterans, and more money for Puget Sound restoration, salmon habitat, and Hanford cleanup. But she’s not resting on these and many other laurels; she has an ambitious agenda that includes more pay and respect for preschool teachers, affordable child care, big federal investments in housing and drug treatment, sensible gun legislation, and funding and policies to prevent the next pandemic. Tiffany Smiley, her Republican opponent, has no qualifications for office other than advocating for her veteran husband and other veterans issues, and hewing to Republican orthodoxy to oppose abortion and immigration. She thinks immigrants are responsible for fentanyl, and that Democrats are responsible for the global problem of inflation. We endorse Murray, whose dedication, common sense, and seniority provide significant benefits for our state.

The Stranger: The Stranger’s Endorsements for the November 8, 2022, General Election After the U.S. Supreme Court decided to strip bodily autonomy from half of the population, abortion access became a top issue on the national stage. Murray has been hip to the cause all along, voting against abortion restrictions since the 1990s. But she hasn’t just been playing defense. Most recently, she voted for the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021 to protect health care providers who perform abortions… Though [Smiley] claims she doesn’t support a nationwide abortion ban, she supported the Dobbs decision from a states rights perspective… We bet she’d fall in line if the GOP wins back the chamber. After all, like every other Republican, she’s anti-trans, and anti-worker, and anti-environment. Murray’s on the right side of all those issues. Vote Murray.