Patty Murray Statement on Seattle Air Quality: “Climate is on the Ballot”

News | October 20, 2022

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(Seattle, WA) — Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray issued the following statement after Seattle was ranked as having the worst air quality in the world for the second day in a row. 

“For the second day in a row, Seattle has some of the worst air quality in the world as a result of unseasonal wildfires—and it’s nearly November. Meanwhile, my Republican opponent, funded by big oil and the fossil fuel industry, said climate change should be addressed at the ‘local’ level all while joining Mitch McConnell and the GOP in opposing the climate action I helped pass this year. 

“Let me be absolutely clear: climate change is a crisis—we are feeling it now in the droughts that devastate crop yields, the wildfires that fill our skies with smoke, and the heat waves that have literally made the pavement on our roads buckle. The air outside isn’t healthy for our kids.

“I’m proud to have helped pass the most significant investment in climate action and clean energy in U.S. history that will help lower energy costs, promote real American energy independence, create good-paying jobs, and drastically reduce carbon emissions. My opponent and the national Republicans backing her campaign would undo the critical steps we’ve taken to fight climate change today and for our kids and grandkids. This November, climate is on the ballot.”

Patty helped pass the Inflation Reduction Act, the most significant legislation in U.S. history to tackle the climate crisis and strengthen American energy security. Patty’s climate action bill will lower energy costs for Washington state households and businesses, promote real and long-term energy independence, create good-paying manufacturing jobs, and help drastically cut carbon emissions. Through rebates and tax credits, the Inflation Reduction Act will make it more affordable for Washington families to purchase energy efficient appliances when they need to, make repairs around their homes, and save money on their utility bills each month. 

One analysis found that Patty’s climate bill would help save the average household $1,800 per year on energy bills. Washington families can calculate their potential savings HERE. Patty knows that preserving our planet and environment for future generations goes hand in hand with building a stronger, clean energy economy.