VIDEO: Murray Joins Veterans, Veteran Advocates in Seattle

News | October 5, 2022

As a senior member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Murray has been a leader in securing resources for the VA and veteran communities

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***WATCH press conference HERE***

(Seattle, WA) – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray joined Washington legislators and local veterans advocates in Seattle for a press conference to discuss her work for veterans and why Murray is the choice for Washington state veterans in this election. 

“I take my job as a voice for our veterans very seriously—my dad was a WWII veteran and help from the VA made a big difference for my family, so I want to make sure every Washington state veteran can count on that same kind of support,” said Senator Murray during today’s press conference. “I’m here today because voters need to know that I always have, and always will,  stand up for our veterans in Congress —and I am someone who will always get things done. I take a back seat to no one when it comes to fighting for our veterans.”

“As a Navy veteran, I recognize the Honor, Courage, and Commitment in Senator Murray’s efforts and how together we can face those challenges faced by veterans across our state and country, and more importantly, tackle them,” said Veteran Bob Kettle. 

“From personal experience I know Senator Murray listens, because I’ve been in the halls of Congress where I’ve spoken to her individually. Senator Murray always has time for veterans,” said retired Air Force nurse Steve Moll. “She listens and she acts. I’ve served with the best, I’ve cared for the best, and I want the best for our veterans. Thank you Senator Murray for all you’ve done and all you’re going to do.”

“When we step up and serve, we deserve to come home knowing that there’s going to be someone to stand up for us,” said Veteran and State Representative Brandy Donaghy (LD-44). “Senator Murray has been that person. Veterans need and deserve Senator Murray to continue to stand up for us, to ensure that when we return, we have access to what we need, what we have earned and what we deserve.”

“I’m proud to say that our Senator has done fantastic work on behalf of veterans, active duty families, and those that are prior service,” said Veteran and State Representative Dan Bronoske (LD-28). “Thank you Senator Murray for your staunch advocacy on behalf of veterans across the United States.” 

As the daughter of a WWII veteran and a senior member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Patty Murray has been a leader in Congress on veterans issues throughout her time in the U.S. Senate. Murray wrote and passed the bipartisan VOW to Hire Our Heroes Act, to help boost veteran employment, wrote and passed legislation to expand the caregivers program to veterans of all eras, and restarted the federal HUD-VASH program to help keep homeless veterans housed. Murray has been a forceful voice for oversight of the VA and has repeatedly fought back successfully against proposed closures of VA facilities in Washington state. Recently, Murray helped pass the PACT Act to get health care to veterans exposed to toxic substances in the line of duty and in that same bill secured funding to open a new VA clinic in the Tri-Cities. In 2011, Senator Murray became the first female chair of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee in U.S. history and currently serves as a senior member of the committee.