Sen. Patty Murray Endorses Dr. Kim Schrier for Washington’s 8th Congressional District

News | August 15, 2018

(Seattle, WA)— Today, Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) released the following statement.

“Washington state needs a representative in Congress who will stand with workers, families, women, patients, and the middle class—and I am proud to endorse Dr. Kim Schrier and stand with her against Dino Rossi and his Trump Republican agenda.

“Washington state voters have rejected Dino Rossi each time he ran because it was clear that he is an extreme Republican who is out of step with Washington state values, and I am confident that they are going to reject him again. Dino Rossi would eliminate a woman’s right to choose, hand even more tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations, eliminate protections for patients and seniors, and stand with President Trump to roll back all the progress we’ve made.

“Conservative Republicans, big business groups, and Super PACs are going to throw everything they have against Kim to try to elect their candidate Dino Rossi, just like they did when he ran against me–but I am confident that voters will see that Kim is on their side and am looking forward to working as hard as I can to help Kim make that case, win in November, and stand with me in Washington, DC next year to fight for Washington state values and priorities.”